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    We are specialists in electronic payments. We offer business and technical support for the entire payment value chain – from transaction authorization to dispute management of credit and debit cards as well as online banking – with particular focus on fraud and risk management.


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  • Successful fight against 3D Secure Fraud

    In the last 12 months, PAYMINT has reduced our 3D-secure-fraud losses by more than 90%. The current write-off amount is 0,01 EUR per issued card – an outstanding success!"

    Quote of a major German banking association


  • Reduce Your  Total Cost of Fraud

    MINTify helps you to reduce your Total Cost of Fraud dramatically:

    • Revenue loss due to declined genuine transactions
    • Total staff cost for fraud prevention and case management
    • Total back-office handling costs
    • Loss due to fraudulent transactions

    More profitability and customer satisfaction!


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  • "Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible."

    Lord Kelvin, president of the British Royal Society, 1895

    ...Rumor has it Lord Kelvin was slightly in error. We often face the same reaction when presenting our story.
    But it’s a fact!
    Like airplanes have changed the way people travel, our MINTify solution will change the way of detecting fraud.
    See for yourself!


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  • Customer Case

    Exceptional results

    The results are amazingly good.
    Many rules have excellent false-positive ratios well below 1:1.
    For example there has been one single rule achieving a detection rate of 12.5% and it had an accuracy of 1:0,34 f/p ratio!

    Quote Atos Worldline


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credit card fraud protection
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Customer Case

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EMV - a success story?

"EMV is in my opinion the only successful card payment security method endorsed by cardholders worldwide" says Eric de Putter – managing partner of Payment Redesign Ltd and executive advisor of PAYMINT. After the initial announcement in 1994, it has been a long road to success. But is EMV secure? And how does EMV cope with the challenges of today’s world? Is mobile payment overtaking EMV?

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Today, banks often have to compensate for previously outsourcing fraud management to third party service providers and aim to expand their own competences. We provide many years of experience in Fraud prevention for card payment systems and offer our fraud consultancy to banks and fincancial institutions.
Check out the 5 questions to consider to re-assess your fraud risk focusing on Cyber Crime.



04.11.2013 MINTify Service is live

Responding to customers who prefer a managed service approach, PAYMINT now offers MINTify Service. A leading international payment provider signed up as customer to enhance its fraud prevention. Clients gain a competitive advantage by quicker deployment of the revolutionary software without having...